65 or Older?
Senior Assist is for YOU!

Senior Assist is the sharing program for Christians who have Medicare Parts A and B, offering you the advantages of Christian community and prayer support, while filling in where Medicare doesn’t.

Medi-Share members will be there for you to share the portion of your eligible medical bills that Medicare allows but does not pay completely,including: 
    • copayments, 
    • deductibles, 
    • hospitalization, 
    • skilled nursing facility care, 
    • out of country urgent care 
    • and more.

The monthly share prices for seniors are below, starting at just $70 per month.

65-70 years old:  $70 per month
71-75 years old:  $85 per month
76 or older:         $95 per month

Apply before your 66th birthday and pre-existing conditions will be eligible for sharing. If you are 66 or older, no problem, however, there may be limited sharing for your significant pre-existing medical conditions.

For a complete overview of the program, read the Senior Assist Guidelines here.

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Senior Assist
Starting at only $70 per month!

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