How Does Medi-Share Work?

Medi-Share is Christian Healthcare Sharing.

Medi-Share brings believers together to share each other’s healthcare costs. It’s a modern-day version of what the church started back in the book of Acts.

Find which program option is best for you. There are seven options to choose from, one to fit every budget. Find your monthly share amount for each option here.

Each month, your share is matched with another’s eligible medical bills. Christian Care Ministry facilitates the direct sharing of medical costs between members and provides you with a secure online way to see who you are sharing with so you can pray for and encourage them. 

And when you have a medical incident  your fellow believers have committed to sharing with and praying for you! It’s that simple! 

See How it Works
Medi-Share is more than healthcare. 


It's a community of like-minded believers who pray for each other, supported by an organization that provides health education and promotes biblical living.

You can join Healthy Church today to access the health and wellness tools, and  PrayerStream to start praying for others and requesting prayer immediately!  
Both of these resources are free!

Experience the freedom and blessing that comes from knowing you are helping your brothers and sisters in Christ as they do the same for you.

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Monthly Amounts

Family options average
about $300 a month


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