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Medi-Share 2.0

Medi-Share 2.0 is based on an Annual Household Portion (AHP), which is the annual amount of eligible medical bills that a household is responsible for before medical bills will be published for sharing.  

For instance, if you have a $1,250 AHP, you would pay the first $1,250 of all eligible medical bills for your family. After that, ALL eligible medical bills will be submitted for sharing for the ENTIRE household. Not per person or per event, but one amount for the entire family for the entire year!

Choose your Annual Household Portion (AHP) from the seven below to find a share amount and annual responsibility amount that best fits your needs and monthly budget. There’s something for everyone—enter your information into the Share Amount Calculator to see your options and pricing for each. 

Annual Household Portion Options

     $500     $1,250     $2,500     $3,750     $5,000    $7,500    $10,000 


Monthly Amounts

Family options average
about $300 a month


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