Instructions for Couples

After you have gone through the steps to activate and login to your new MDLIVE account, as the head of household you will be able to setup logins for your spouse.

NOTE: If you are not logged in as the head of household, refer to the Account Set Up page.


Step 1

Click on your name at the top right corner of the screen. A drop down will appear that will display your spouse’s name (if your are the head of household). If your spouse has not yet activated their MDLIVE account, “register” will be displayed beside their name.

MDL Patient Registration  

Step 2

If your spouse has “register” beside their name, their account will need to be activated before they can use the MDLIVE service. You can register on their behalf, and establish a login and password.

MDL Registration Complete  

Step 3

Click on your spouse’s name from this dropdown menu and complete the steps to activate their profile.

NOTE: Spouses have the option to remove the head of household’s access to their account and health history. This setting can be accessed from the spouse’s dashboard.

MDL Account Sign In
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