Your America’s Christian Credit Union (ACCU) Account is required to facilitate sharing between members. You must set up your account before your Medi-Share membership can begin. Your ACCU account should not be set up more than 30 days prior to your desired start date for Medi-Share. If you haven’t already set up your account, use the link below. 

ACCU Account Set Up 

This account is only to be used for the purpose of sharing and should not be used for any other personal banking.


You will receive a monthly statement by mail directly from ACCU. This is for your information only, and should not be used when making your monthly share payment. This is because the amount in this account may fluctuate based on bills pending payment or shares that have not yet been transferred to other members for the payment of their published bills. You should always reference your Medi-Share notice to determine your monthly share amount due.

Your ACCU account number is NOT the same as your Household or CCM ID number, which are located on your Medi-Share ID card. Your ACCU account number only appears on the statement that you receive from ACCU. It is an 8-digit or 10-digit number beginning with “75."

Although your ACCU account is used to facilitate sharing, your account information is separate from your CCM information. Any changes you make to your personal information, such as address or email changes or requesting your statement by email only, must also be communicated to ACCU via their website at or by contacting the Christian Care Ministry ACCU representative at (800) 343-6328 (option 4) Monday to Friday from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM (PST).


Q. Can this account be used for purposes other than Medi-Share transactions?
A. No. This account is designated for your Medi-Share deposits and Medi-Share transactions only. You may open separate account(s) with America’s Christian CU for  your personal banking needs. For more information, please visit

Q. When can I expect to receive my America’s Christian CU account statements?
A. You will receive a monthly statement from America’s Christian CU that is generated on or about the 10th of each month and mailed to you shortly thereafter. However, you can sign up for e-statements and you will have a safe, secure and convenient way to view your monthly statement. Just go to and follow the instructions. Each month you will receive an email letting you know that your statement is ready for viewing. By signing up for e-statements, you will save $1.00 per month off the $3.00 sharing account fee.

Q. I signed up for electronic statements on my Medi-Share documents, but I’m still receiving the America’s Christian CU statement by mail.
A. When you sign up for e-statements during the application process that only applies to Christian Care Ministry communications. To receive electronic statements from ACCU, you must do so on the ACCU website at and follow the instructions.

Q. My America’s Christian CU statement is different than my Medi-Share notice, which one is correct?
A. You should always reference your Medi-Share notice for the balance due. It is not that your ACCU statement is incorrect, but because of timing of payment of eligible medical bills or transfers to other members’ accounts, the balance may fluctuate during the month. That is why at times there may be more funds than expected in your ACCU, however, those are earmarked for a provider and awaiting withdrawal for that purpose.

Q. What is the Sharing Account Fee on my statement?
A. This nominal fee charged by America’s Christian CU covers the servicing costs of handling your individual account. By signing up for e-statements, you can save $1.00 per month off the $3.00 sharing account fee.  Just go to and follow the instructions.

Q. Is there a penalty for members who withdraw money from their America’s Christian CU Medi-Share account?
A. No, however, any amount transferred into your account is used to pay your eligible medical bills within days by making payments from that account to your providers. If the funds are not available to do so, when they had been deposited for that purpose, you will need to pay your providers directly. Fees could be charged by ACCU if you remove funds from the account that are earmarked for a provider and then that provider check is returned for insufficient funds. 

Q. What is the difference between my ACCU account number and my Medi-Share Household number?
A. Your ACCU account number is an 8 or 10-digit number starting with the numbers 75. This number is to be used in reference to payments that you mail in and any inquiries that you make about your account at ACCU. Your Medi-Share Household number is 5-digits, the first letter of your last name, followed by another 5-digits. This number is to be used in reference to any medical bills and needs that you have. 

Q. How will the account be closed if I choose to withdraw from the Medi-Share program and what if I have eligible medical bills to be shared after I withdraw?
A. If you withdraw from Medi-Share, your account will not be closed until your eligible bills have been shared, and your account balance is zero. Withdrawing from Medi-Share will not affect any other accounts you may have established with America’s Christian CU.

Q. Am I responsible for any bank charges if CCM overdrafts my account?
A. If a Medi-Share participant incurs bank charges in their ACCU account, such as, an overdraft fee, as a direct result of a transaction initiated by CCM, CCM will reimburse the member by depositing the amount of the bank charge in the account. However, if there are not enough funds in your personal banking account when the electronic funds transfer (EFT) for your monthly share goes through, you will be responsible for those overdraft fees.

Q. My address has changed, and although I notified CCM, I am still not receiving my ACCU statements.
A. When you make any changes to your personal information, you must also notify ACCU because CCM and ACCU are two separate entities. Signing up for e-statements from both CCM and ACCU would eliminate this issue. Just go to and follow the instructions.


PHONE:        (800) 343-6328, choose option 4 for the Medi-Share Services Specialist
ADDRESS:    2100 E. Route 66 | Glendora, CA 91740

(include bottom portion of share notice with payment and include your ACCU account number on your check )

America's Christian Credit Union
PO Box 661014
Dallas, TX 75266-1014

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