Christian Care Ministry values a commitment to healthy, biblical living and offers members who meet certain health criteria a “Health Incentive” or “discount” of up to 20% off their share amount.

+ How do I qualify for the Health Incentive?

To qualify for the Health Incentive, the Head of Household and Spouse (if applicable) must apply as individuals and  meet the criteria. If you have a spouse applying, the process must be completed for you both within 90 days of each other. 

Each person applying will need to register/create Login (see below). 

Below is the criteria used to determine whether or not you qualify for the Health Incentive.  

  1. Complete our online Healthy Lifestyle Assessment by going to the Member Center and selecting "Apply for Health Incentive."
  2. Meet the required measurements below (you will submit the details in our Healthy Lifestyle Assessment).

Prior to taking the Healthy Lifestyle Assessment, the following information must be up to date and on hand: Blood Pressure, Height, Weight and Abdominal measurement (other metrics in the Healthy Lifestyle Assessment are optional). The measurements you enter on the Healthy Lifestyle Assessment must be current and if there is an expense it is the responsibility of the member(s).

CCM retains the right to request verified measurements in addition to the Healthy Lifestyle Assessment, and may randomly select applicants to submit verifications for review within 1 week of completion of the Assessment.  



Healthy Lifestyle Assessment

Member must complete the online Healthy Lifestyle Assessment

BP Un-medicated


*Health Incentive applicants taking BP medication can qualify if their BMI is under 25 and their BP measurements are within the requirements. 


 Less than 38" for men, less than 35" for women


 Greater than 17.5 and less than 30*

Health Partner

 Cannot be an active mandatory Health Partner

+ What information do I need to submit in the Healthy Lifestyle Assessment?

Before you begin the Healthy Lifestyle Assessment you will need the following current measurements: Weight, Waist, Height, and Blood Pressure.

Refer to the blood pressure questions below for further details.

+ How do I take the Healthy Lifestyle Assessment?

To take the Healthy Lifestyle Assessment, log onto MyChristianCare.org and go to the Member Center. Select "Apply for Health Incentive" under "Health Links."

The website will ask you to accept the terms, and then you can begin the assessment. 

Once you begin the Healthy Lifestyle Assessment, you must answer all questions and click "Finish and Close" within 7 days or you will be asked to take a new one. 

First Time: If this is your first time, you will automatically be engaged in the Assessment after clicking the Healthy Lifestyle Assessment link from the Member Center. This page has detailed instructions for you.

Second Time: If you have taken the Assessment before then you will land on "Your Health Portal" after clicking the Healthy Lifestyle Assessment on the Member Center. From here you need to click the play icon in the image below to start the Assessment. 

Once you begin: If you need to stop, you can do so by clicking the "Close" button and for up to 7 days, it will save the answers you have submitted.

You can return anytime within 7 days to complete it.

Once you complete all the required questions you are ready to complete the HLA. To do this, from the final page of the Assessment click "Finish."

It will save the entire HLA and submit your results for processing of your Health Incentive.


+ How do I register and create a Login?

Create a LOGIN:

  • Visit MyChristianCare.org and click REGISTER on the top right hand corner of the page.
  • Enter your Name and CCM ID number, which is on your Member ID card; if you are a new member, you should have received a new member registration email with your CCM ID and registration instructions. 
  • Enter email address used during the application process.

If you are the spouse, please use the unique email you provided at the time of application. If you are unsure if you have a unique email on file with us, register using the primary email for your household. If your spouse has already registered and created a login with this email, you will be prompted to enter another unique email in order to complete your registration process.

If you are married and both of you are members, you will each need to register and create your own LOGIN in order to take your individual Healthy Lifestyle Assessment to apply for the Health Incentive Discount.

+ How do I know if I/we qualify for the Health Incentive Discount?

You will receive a preliminary report immediately after completing the Healthy Lifestyle Assessment. If you have all green check marks, you have passed. If there are any red Xs, you have not.  Please keep in mind that both spouses must qualify to receive the discount.

You will receive an email within 2-3 business days of completing the HLA. Please review the criteria above to determine if you should qualify for the Health Incentive Discount.

+ If approved for the Health Incentive Discount, when is it applied to my monthly share?

If your results are received and you are approved by the 1st of the month, your discount will be applied to the following month. If your results are received after the 1st of the month, your discount will be applied to the 2nd month following the month in which you completed your Health Incentive Discount application.

+ If I am an applicant, when can I apply for the Health Incentive?

You and your spouse (if applicable) may apply for the Health Incentive Discount once you have received your CCM ID numbers and are individually registered on our website. 

*See the questions above for instructions on how to register and when the Health Incentive Discount will be applied to your monthly share.

+ What if I take the Healthy Lifestyle Assessment using my spouse's login by mistake?

You will need to register and create your own Member Login (see above), in order for you to complete the Healthy Lifestyle Assessment. 

After you complete your Healthy Lifestyle Assessment using your own login, please contact the Health & Wellness Department at health@tccm.org to request the duplicate Healthy Lifestyle Assessment be deleted. Your spouse will then have the opportunity to complete a new Healthy Lifestyle Assessment.

+ What if I need more time to complete the Healthy Lifestyle Assessment?

No problem! You have 7 days to complete your assessment. The Healthy Lifestyle Assessment will save the questions you answered every time you click the “next” button as long as you also click "close" before you exit the web page. You can go back to the Healthy Lifestyle Assessment and continue where you left off, or edit any previously answered questions. To do this, click on the blue arrow.

+ What if I make a mistake when entering my health metrics/data?

The Healthy Lifestyle Assessment is available for editing for 7 days after you initially take it if you want to make changes. However, if a mistake is made, you will be asked to verify your measurements by completing a Verification form.

+ Are there any exceptions to the Health Incentive criteria?

There are only two exceptions to the criteria for the health incentive. 

  1. Health Incentive applicants taking BP medication can qualify if their BMI is under 25 and their BP measurements are within the requirements. 
  2. A member who does not meet the BMI requirements because they are an athlete with high muscle mass and low fat, or have a healthy body composition for other reasons, may have different weight standards. Athletes seeking this exception can submit our Army Fitness Measurements form for review to Health@tccm.org.

+ What if I am pregnant?

Congratulations!  Complete the Healthy Lifestyle Assessment and you will be asked to put in a pre-pregnancy weight.  For up to 12 months post-partum you can enter your pre-pregnancy weight. If you do not have a pre-pregnancy waist measurement you may enter 10 as the waist.  Beginning at 13 months post-partum, you will need to submit your current weight and waist. Everyone will need to have a current blood pressure.


+ Can I apply for the Health Incentive if I am a Senior Assist member?

The Health Incentive is not available for Senior Assist members.

+ What if someone in our household is a Health Partner?

If a Member of the household is in the Health Partnership program, they must graduate from the program before they can apply for the Health Incentive.

+ Where can I get an accurate blood pressure or weight reading for free?

We are not requiring a doctor visit. Many places offer this for free, like pharmacies and grocery stores that have blood pressure machines. A pharmacy, gym, chiropractor, or nurse can help you understand how these measurements should be taken. If you are familiar with what you need to do or have a blood pressure machine at home, feel free to collect your measurements and submit those results in the Healthy Lifestyle Assessment.

+ What do I need to do for my blood pressure to be accurate?

  • Be sure to follow the instructions of the pharmacy or blood pressure machine. Here are some other tips: Sit for 5 minutes before you check your blood pressure. Be well rested and stay calm. Undue anxiety and nervousness can affect blood pressure. 
  • Wait 2-3 minutes between readings.
  • Position is important for obtaining accurate results.
    • Place your elbow on a table at the level of your heart for testing and keep your feet uncrossed touching the floor.
    • The left arm is usually the most accurate.

+ How do I measure my waist accurately?

For waist measure apply measuring tape to skin at the level of your umbilicus (belly button). Measure over bare skin from the navel. The tape measure should be snug but not indent the skin. The number that meets the 0 after you have circled you entire waist is your waist measurement. Do not round up/down or use your pants size.

+ What if I take blood pressure medication?

Do not stop taking your blood pressure medication. Always consult your doctor before changing or stopping a medication. You can be taking blood pressure medication and receive the incentive if your BMI is under 25. Please visit our Wellness Library for more information on blood pressure.

+ What can I do if I do not qualify for the Health Incentive Discount?

We recommend starting with your Healthy Lifestyle Assessment Report which offers great information and will help make the online tools more relevant. We also have a Wellness Library and a team of Health Coaches here to answer questions. You can schedule a call with a coach using the link in the Health Links section of your Member Center page, or call Health & Wellness at (800) 264-2562, ext. 7004.

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