Manna Testimony and Commitment

1 - I have carefully read and commit to abide by all provisions stated in the Manna Guidelines. All persons listed on this form believe that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, to be kept pure and as such:

• I do not engage in sex outside of traditional Biblical marriage, which is a union of one man and one woman. (Gen.2:22-24,
Mat. 19:5, Eph. 5:22-32)
• I do not and will not use tobacco in any form or illegal drugs and have not for the last 12 months.
• I agree not to abuse legal drugs, including alcohol and have not abused them for the past 12 months.

2 - I understand that Christian Care Ministry, Inc. (CCM) matches a Manna member’s need for replacement of income lost as a result of disability with other members who have volunteered, in faith, to share in meeting needs through the biblical concept of Christian mutual sharing. I realize and accept that all money comes from the voluntary giving of members, not from CCM, and that CCM does not pay nor is it liable for the payment of any lost income.

3 - Each month I will be notified in advance of the fellow Christian who will be receiving my gift toward their lost income. I will endeavor to pray for and encourage this member in writing. Similarly, I understand that when I have a need for lost income replacement, my information, including email and/or mailing address, will be provided on the Manna share notice for fellow members to pray for and encourage me.

4 - I understand that in order to determine if my disability is eligible for financial assistance from fellow Manna members, medical records may be required from providers who have diagnosed or treated me. I understand and agree that no need will be shared if authorization for obtaining such medical records is withheld.

5 - I consent to the recording of all telephone calls to or from CCM.

6 - I agree that appeals will be decided by a panel of three Manna members, which models the biblical pattern of Matthew 18:15-17. If I disagree with the determination of the member panel, I agree that the parties to this agreement are commanded by the Bible to resolve disputes with each other in private or within the Christian community. See 1 Corinthians 6:1-8, Matthew 5:23-24, and Matthew 18:15-20. Therefore, any claim or dispute arising out of, or related to, this agreement or any aspect thereof, of any kind, shall be settled by biblically based mediation. If resolution of the dispute and reconciliation do not result from mediation, the matter shall then be submitted to an independent and objective arbitrator for binding arbitration, with each party to bear their own costs and attorney’s fees, and with the cost of arbitration itself to be borne by CCM. The mediation and arbitration process will be conducted in accordance with the “Rules of Procedure for Christian Conciliation” (“Rules”) contained in the Peacemaker Ministries booklet Guidelines for Christian Conciliation. I and CCM agree that these methods shall be the sole remedy for any controversy or claim arising out of this agreement, and we expressly waive our right to file a lawsuit against one another in any civil court for such disputes, except to enforce a legally binding arbitration decision for the reasons stated in the first paragraph of this subsection, as we agree that such a filing would violate our religious beliefs.

7 - I understand that any false statements on or omissions from this form, the Application for Manna or at any time during my participation in Manna will be cause for cancellation of my Manna membership.

Please fill out the information below to confirm that you agree to the commitments in this section.

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