Tax Exemption

Instructions for Medi-Share Members When Filing Income Taxes

UPDATE: The IRS Instructions for Form 8965 have been updated. Medi-Share members who were members for all of 2018 do not have to submit a Form 8965.

Instead, on Form 1040 on page 1, check the box in the section titled, "Full-year health care coverage or exempt" if you, your spouse (if filing jointly), and anyone you can or do claim as a dependent had qualifying health care coverage or a coverage exemption that covered all of 2018 or a combination of qualifying health care coverage and coverage exemptions for every month of 2018. If you can check the box on Form 1040, you don't need to file Form 8965.

U.S. Individual Income Tax Return

Members should always consult their tax professional with specific questions. This information is provided only as a guide.   

You can read the detailed Instructions for Form 8965 here, or download  form 8965 if you do need to claim the exemption.

  • Members of healthcare sharing ministries are exempt from the federal "tax" imposed on those who don't have health insurance.
  • Christian Care Ministry's Certificate of Exemption can be viewed here.
  • Members will prove their qualification for this exemption for the year 2018 when filing federal income tax returns in 2019.

    Specific Instructions for Completion of form 8965 for Members of Healthcare Sharing Ministries
  • Do not complete Part I 
  • Answer "No" for Part II (unless you are claiming an income hardship exemption)
  • Complete Part III
  • The instructions for members of a healthcare sharing ministry: Members of a health care sharing ministry (code “D”). You can claim a coverage exemption for yourself or another member of your tax household for any month in which the individual was a member of a health care sharing ministry for at least 1 day in the month. Enter code “D” in Part III, column (c), and identify the months to which the coverage exemption applies as described under Columns (d) - (p)—Calendar Months.
  • For short gaps in coverage, you will use Coverage Exemption Type "B" and identify the months to which the exemption applies. This is if you went without coverage for less than 3 consecutive months during the year.
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