Healthful Sources of Calcium

By Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

Based on U.S. Department of Agriculture data Healthful Sources of Calcium The foods listed here are among the best healthful sources of calcium based on their calorie-to-calcium ratios (the number in parentheses is the amount of calcium in milligrams for each calorie):

Calorie-to-Calcium Ratios

bok choy, cooked 7.8
turnip greens, cooked 6.9
mustard greens, cooked 4.9
collard greens, cooked 4.6
romaine lettuce, raw 2.6
kale, cooked 2.6
sesame seeds, raw 1.7
broccoli, cooked 1.6
tofu, raw firm 1.4
green beans, cooked 1.3
soy beans, cooked 1
orange 0.9
almond butter, raw 0.4
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