Reversing Hypertension

What Are The Alternatives To Blood Pressure Medication?

1. A number of major scientific studies have convincingly shown that simple dietary and lifestyle changes can reverse most essential hypertension in a matter of weeks without drugs.

2. A large percentage of people are sensitive to salt and would benefit from its reduction in their diets.

3. When the weight goes down, blood pressure levels usually fall. Reducing excess weight is often the only treatment needed to correct a rising blood pressure.

4. A diet very low in fat yet high in fiber lowers the blood pressure by about 10% even without weight loss or salt restriction. Reducing the blood's viscosity (thinning of the blood), which results from eating less fat, probably produces these favorable changes.

5. Deleting alcohol from the diet will lower blood pressure and do the body a favor in several other areas as well.

6. Physical exercise lowers blood pressure by reducing peripheral arterial resistance. In addition, regular exercise promotes general health and well-being.

People taking blood pressure medications should not play doctor and change doses or stop medicines on their own. But those who are willing to make healthful lifestyle changes will usually find their physicians glad to help them eat and exercise their way out of hypertension.

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