Migraine Success Story

Nutritional Excellence Works Where Other Approaches Failed!

In March of 2001, my life was turned upside down by the onset of extremely debilitating migraine headaches. The migraines became so severe that the following August I was admitted into the hospital for treatment. By that time, I already had seen many neurologists and headache specialists and had been put on more medications than I could count. I was unable to get a restful sleep, I was tired all the time, and one of the migraines lasted for five months straight.

I was readmitted into the hospital the following March, again in September, and a final time the following January. The treatment helped less each time. My illness prevented me from attending school for three years; I had to be tutored while in bed. As a result, I missed out on most of my middle school years.

Fortunately, I eventually saw a chiropractor who insisted that I go see Dr. Fuhrman. I was very skeptical when Dr. Fuhrman told me I would start to see improvements in my illness within a few months if I followed his nutritional advice. I already had seen countless other doctors who all claimed they would help.

My first month on Dr. Fuhrman’s program wasn’t pretty, as it included some of the worst migraines I had experienced. But as the month came to an end, I started to feel a whole lot better. As the months went on, I felt better and better. I was able to attend summer camp this past summer, and I have spent more time with my friends than I have in years.

Today, I take no medication and attend private high school and have only missed two days because of migraines, which is amazing. Although my migraines occasionally return when I veer too far away from Dr. Fuhrman’s nutritional advice, I have learned that being sick is not just bad luck. Excellent health results from nutritional excellence, which is something I can control.

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