Case History: Beating the Odds

In 1997, Pam suffered a collapsed lung. She had over four liters of fluid in her chest, and the pathology of the fluid showed it was adenocarcinoma, likely from ovarian cancer. Her CA-125,an ovarian cancer marker, also was found to be significantly elevated. She underwent six doses of chemotherapy, followed by a hysterectomy and removal of her ovaries, but her prognosis was not favorable. She was told that she did not have long to live, and that it was exceptionally rare for a person with metastatic ovarian cancer to the lungs to live more than two years.

I have been seeing Pam about once a year since her original cancer diagnosis in 1997. Since that time, she has carefully implemented my recommendations for nutritional excellence, regularly consuming generous quantities of vegetable juices, salads, and high cruciferous vegetables. Her C-125 and follow-up CT scans have been completely normal. It has been 8 years since her diagnosis. She has had no further signs of cancer and has been very healthy.

Pam’s decision to adopt a nutritional- excellence approach to her condition gave her the best possible chance to outlive her bleak original prognosis. Clearly, she has beaten the odds.


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