Prostate Success Story

By Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

Nutritional Excellence and Knowledge Allay PSA Concerns!

Joseph Tonish, a 62-year-old man appearing to be in good health, came to my office in March, 2003 with a six-month history of elevated PSA levels. He was very nervous about his probable prostate cancer. We reviewed the four separate PSA tests that had been done during this six-month period, and they were all between 4.5 and 6.0. Some of the higher readings were earlier in this time frame. His internist, and the urologist he had consulted, were pressuring him to have a prostate biopsy.

I explained to Joe that since his PSA clearly was not going up over time, these tests did not indicate he had cancer. I also explained that PSA velocity—which notes the rate of increase of PSA over time, is a more accurate indicator of prostate cancer than the height of a single PSA test. We also discussed the fact that about 50 to 60 percent of men in their sixties have prostate cancer somewhere in their prostate, even those with normal PSA readings, so it would not be a surprise if his biopsy did show cancer.

Since his PSA did not show a steady increase, but varied up and down erratically, my opinion was that his elevated PSA was the result of benign prostate enlargement. Nevertheless, prostate cancer could be hidden in there.

I informed him that even if the biopsy did find cancer, it was not likely he could have an aggressive form of prostate cancer, and since his PSA was not climbing, there was no need to rush to do anything. From my perspective, Joe’s PSA readings were reassuring, not alarming.

Joe followed my nutritional protocol for prostate cancer, and three months later his PSA had dropped down to the 3.5 to 4 range. He was thrilled with the results of this approach, especially when he found his LDL cholesterol had dropped from 189 to 124 as well.

Joe continues to visit me as a patient two to three times a year. He is doing great, and his health improves with every passing year. His PSA level now runs 3 to 3.5.We still don’t know for sure that he doesn’t have cancer, but he is no longer worried about it.

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