Foods that Lower Cholesterol

By Hans Diehl, M.D.

It is possible to eat as much as you want, lose weight, and have low or safe levels of cholesterol. The secret is knowing which foods to eat and which to avoid. Whole plant foods that promote good health and prevent disease are also foods that lower cholesterol and help take weight off—for good. Blood cholesterol is directly affected by the richness of the diet. Foods that lower cholesterol, and which you should eat freely include the following:

  • Fruit: All fresh fruit (avocado and olives sparingly)

  • Vegetables: All vegetables, greens, herbs, squash

  • Legumes: All beans, peas, lentils, garbanzos

  • Tubers: Potatoes, yams, sweet potatoes

  • Grains: All whole grains, whole grain breads and pastas

  • Nuts: Eat Sparingly

Getting permanent control of a ballooning waistline may require a radical shift in diet.

Foods that lower cholesterol, help lose weight, and take you on a path to optimal health are all around us. Take time to adapt to a new way of eating. If you make a mistake or slip into old habits, give yourself permission to recover.

Enjoy the bountiful foods that lower cholesterol!




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