Migraines and Depression now a Thing of The Past

By Joel Fuhrman, M.D. www.drfuhrman.com

Patti Saw Doctor After Doctor Without Seeing Any Improvement!

For many years, I suffered with severe migraines, depression, and anxiety, and I was taking antidepressants and pain killers. I had gone from doctor to doctor, including some so-called alternative medicine doctors, but except for some necessary back surgery, following their advice only made things worse. I had tried all the awful migraine medications, was gaining weight and becoming lethargic, and I had just about given up.

Luckily, I found out about Dr. Fuhrman. After a few weeks on his plan, I was off all medications, losing weight, and—amazingly—my headaches disappeared!

Things were fine until I moved away from Dr. Fuhrman. A few years and lots of stress later, I began eating carelessly and again became depressed and anxious and the awful headaches came back. In desperation (and quite mindlessly), I went back to a “regular” doctor who insisted I go back on medication for migraines. The awful spiral into ill health began again!

One day while lying in a darkened room in misery, a vision of Dr. Fuhrman appeared, and he spoke to me through the painful haze. He asked me the same question he asked me the first time I saw him. “What would you say if I told you to reduce and then eliminate all medication and follow this diet instead?”

That woke me out of my bad dream. I pulled out my Eat to Live book and began following the recommendations again. I am happy to say that I am once again free of pain, and my moods have stabilized. I don’t have food cravings, and I again enjoy eating healthfully.

Pardon my long message, but your health will improve if you stick with Dr. Fuhrman. His ideas are deceptively simple, yet functionally quite complex and amazingly effective. Plus, the member forums at DrFuhrman.com are a great place for support.

Allergies and Asthma Just a Fading Memory

Jennifer and her husband are finally able to enjoy summer!

Spring and summer had always been the same for me. My life revolved around avoiding exposure to things that would trigger severe allergies and asthma. I was the girl in the bubble, practically! I never ever went outdoors except long enough to get into my air-conditioned car equipped with a pollen filter. Then, last year, something changed.

When I started following the Eat to Live diet program, my symptoms got less and less severe as time elapsed. I still have very minor symptoms such as itchy eyes now and then, but hey, I’m not complaining a bit!

My husband had the same problem his whole life (probably a reason we were so compatible— we both had been through it year after year after year).Well, he decided to try Eat to Live this year to see if it would make an impact. I am thrilled to say that he is a changed man!

I used to associate spring and summer with misery, so I took tons of dangerous medications just to help me breathe and manage symptoms, as did my husband. March through September were always spent stripping the local stores of all their Kleenex, but this year is smooth sailing for us both! He totally didn’t believe it would work, but now he’s a believer, too!

The best part is just feeling so free! I’m sitting here next to windows that have been open for days and I have no symptoms whatsoever, even after I worked out and spent an hour soaking up some vitamin D outside. I spent hours outside all weekend and this week, too, for that matter, and I feel great. It’s so incredible not to have to worry about anything anymore. I haven’t even had a single asthma twinge since September! Eat to Live is amazing!

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