Dramatic Recovery from Diabetes

By Joel Fuhrman, M.D. www.drfuhrman.com

Although Strictly Following The Recommendations Of His Physicians, Jim Kenny’s Health Was Failing.

When Jim Kenny walked into my office for the first time, he weighed 268 pounds and was suffering complications from poorly controlled diabetes. I wasn’t the first physician he had seen. He was referred to my office by his nephrologist (kidney specialist) at St. Barnabus Hospital in Livingston, New Jersey. He had been referred to the nephrologist by his endocrinologist (diabetic specialist) from Harvard’s renowned Joslin Diabetes Center because of kidney damage from poorly controlled diabetes (very high glucose readings),in spite of the use of maximum doses of insulin and oral medications.

When I first saw Jim, he was taking a total of 175 units of long- and short-acting insulin each day, and he already had suffered from severe complications of type 2 diabetes, including two heart attacks and Charcot (destructive inflammation) joint damage in his right ankle.

In spite of this huge dose of insulin and six other medications, Jim’s glucose readings averaged between 350-400, even though he was following the precise dietary recommendations of a dietician who worked in the office of his endocrinologist.

A Better Approach

After his initial visit with me, Jim began following my nutritional program for diabetics. I initially reduced his insulin dose to 130 units per day, and continued to decrease it gradually over the next few days. After five days, his glucose readings were running between 80 and 120, and he had lost ten pounds. At this point, I put him on 45 units of Lantus insulin at bedtime and 6 units of Humalog regular insulin before each meal, for a total of 63 units per day.

By the time Jim returned for his two-week visit, he had lost sixteen pounds. We were able to discontinue some of his blood pressure medications and reduce his daily insulin intake to a total of 58 units per day.

One-Month Follow-Up

After one month on the program, we were able to discontinue all of Jim’s insulin intake and start him on Glucophage (one of the safer oral medications). He lost twenty-five pounds in the first five weeks, and his blood glucose readings were well controlled without insulin. His blood pressure also came down to normal, and he no longer needed any blood pressure medications.

An evaluation of Jim’s blood test results revealed an elevated homocysteine level. With the appropriate supplementation with a specific form of folate (methyl tetrahydrofolate) that Jim required, his homocysteine returned to normal range.

No More Medication

Five months after beginning the program, Jim was off all medications for diabetes, he no longer had high cholesterol or high blood pressure, and he was more than sixty pounds lighter. His kidney insufficiency had normalized, as well.

Jim’s case illustrates how powerful my high-nutrient approach to eating is when it comes to reversing diabetes. It also illustrates the sad fact that the standard dietary advice given to diabetics by conventional physicians and dieticians is not merely insufficient; it is dangerous. Jim Kenny would likely be dead by now had his nephrologist not referred him to me for an effective dietary approach.

A Much-Needed Message

As the success of my approach has become more widely known, more and more physicians have contacted me and expressed support and enthusiasm for my Eat To Live message. Unfortunately, many also say, “Don’t tell anyone I support you 100 percent. I don’t want to be ostracized by fellow physicians.”

I invite other physicians to come to my office and observe firsthand the spectacular results. Those who have taken me up on my offer often comment that the experience was more fruitful than anything they did in their residency training.

The human body has marvelous healing capabilities. We simply have to establish the optimal nutritional environment for healing and let the body do its work.

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