Dangers of High Protein Low Carb Diet

By Joel Fuhrman, M.D., www.drfuhrman.com

Increased Risk Of Serious Illness And Premature Death Are The Unsavory Side Dishes.

Proponents of high-protein diets such as the Atkins diet have brought dangerous fad dieting to new heights, in spite of mounting reports of deaths attributed to them. High-protein diets— those in which calories come predominantly from animal foods— increase the risk of cancer and heart attack and have been linked to cardiomyopathies, electrolyte imbalances, and kidney damage. Dr. Robert Atkins himself had a heart attack from a cardiomyopathy a year before his death, and his autopsy results still remain hidden from the public.

In addition to increased risk of disease from Atkins and other animal- food-heavy diets, research has shown that these faddish eating plans are not very effective— most adherents do not achieve long-term, permanent weight loss. Unfortunately, this has not lessened the popularity of these diets. Well-funded publicity campaigns have succeeded in getting the media to “report” glossed-over, one-sided information. Until news outlets begin to report more accurately, more and more tragedies are going to occur.

Girl Dies While Dieting

Most recently, a sixteen-year-old girl who had no history of medical problems died after two weeks on the Atkins diet. When the paramedics arrived, she was pulseless, and the electrocardiogram revealed ventricular fibrillation (a usually fatal loss of normal heart rhythm). Her emergency room evaluation showed electrolyte imbalances that occurred as a result of eating a diet of meat, cheese, and salads for two weeks. She was doing the diet together with her mother.

An Ongoing Tragedy

Sadly, even as additional dangers are revealed and reported, more and more people—misled by one sided advertising and publicity— are being put at needless risk. At the same time, proven healthful weight loss recommendations are being ignored. Unless Americans quickly learn the facts about these harmful diets, many pointless deaths will continue to occur.

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