Servings 4 Serving Count
Ingredients 5 Count
Nutrition 90 Calories
Total Time 40 Minutes

Pickled Beets

Pickled Beets


4 medium Beets, peeled
¾ cup Water
½ cup Apple Cider Vinegar
¼ cup Sugar
1 teaspoon Salt


Cut beets into 1/8 inch sliced wheels. 

Place beets and remaining ingredients in a 2 quart saucepan. Bring to a boil, reduce heat to low, cover and simmer for 30 minutes or until beets are easily pierced with a fork.

Remove beets from heat, place uncovered in refrigerator, and cool. Do not drain off liquid.

Refrigerate beets in their liquid. Great alone or as a topping for green salads.

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