Coping with Stress

By Hans Diehl, M.D.

There are many techniques for coping with stress, but here are some of the more important ones.

  • Healthy Adaptation means that you recognize the stressor, and you do something positive about it. Ignoring the problem, denial, or escapism are unhealthy responses in coping with stress.
  • Proper Planning and Organization.  These steps are required to determine what it will take to accomplish a task before you begin.
  • Positive Mental Attitude.  Don't be anxious about the future; take one day at a time. Worry tends to incapacitate, but seeing the problem as a challenge motivates and helps us in coping with stress.
  • Commit to a cause that helps others and is approved by God.  Isaiah 58 is one of the Bible's most sublime prescriptions for health.
  • A Healthy Lifestyle.  It's difficult to seriously damage a healthy body with stress. You can help protect your body against the harmful effects of stress with the simple inoculations listed in the table following this list.
  • Think on Elevated Themes.  What we see and hear is under our control--movies, radio, TV, magazines, newspapers. Madison Avenue is  successful because they use these mediums to focus attention on what we do not have, thus making us discontent. Remember: "The man who has little and wants less is richer that he who has much and wants more." Being content with who you are and where you are is a big plus in coping with stress.
  • Trust in God will provide a buffer against stress and a hedge against anxiety. Trusting God involves complete confidence in a personal God who understands and acts in our behalf. 


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