A Lifestyle Change Diet - The Optimal Diet!

By Hans Diehl, M.D. www.chiphealth.com

The lifestyle change diet is not a quick fix, or a new approach to dieting. It's not even a diet! It is a way of lifestyle. Here is how to implement lifestyle change.

Take The Long-Term Approach: Make It A Lifestyle Change

It's virtually impossible to lose weight and keep it off if you don't modify your lifestyle. Diets are a short-term solution to a long-term problem. That is why most dieters regain their lost weight within a year.

Make eating the right foods a permanent part of your daily life. This is the solution to weight control. You can beat the bulge and live a happier, healthier life. Here's how.

Basic Guidelines If You Want To Eat For Health

Review the image below. Read each item carefully, imagining how you could incorporate it into your way of living.

Can You Make The Commitment To Eat For Health?

Turn inward for a moment. Can you make a long-term commitment to this style of eating? Are you willing to bypass the seductive offers of diets that claim to "melt the pounds off" in favor of a focus on good health and learning how to eat for health?

Take a few minutes to think it through. Then answer the following question: "How do I feel about making a lifestyle switch to this way of eating?" Be honest with yourself. Give the part of you that wants to eat only chocolate as much of a voice as the part that promises never to eat anything "bad" again. Recognize that each voice is an extreme that exists in all of us. Lasting change happens somewhere in the middle, and it does not happen overnight. It is a growth process in which new behaviors and values gradually replace old ones. Now go back to the question and answer it.



The Challenge

Understand what an optimal diet involves. Think about what it means to you to "live for health." Reflect on what "to live for health" might mean to your family... to your grandchildren. Study the 10 principles of weight loss until you know them well. Start putting them into practice. The reward is worth every effort. It will truly be a New Start.

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