Obesity and Being Overweight - An Adult Epidemic

By Hans Diehl, M.D. www.chiphealth.com

Americans are the most obese people on earth. Obesity is one of our leading public health problems. So serious is obesity that 57 million people are at significant medical risk. No wonder weight-loss diets are so popular with overweight adults.

Too many overweight adults fall prey to fads and diet plans that offer quick results. Like a conditioned reflex, extra pounds spell d-i-e-t to most adults. A recent survey found that 40 to 50% of Americans between the ages of 35 and 59 were on a diet at any given time.

The sad truth is that unless people make lasting changes in their lifestyles and consistently choose healthful foods, their efforts are largely wasted. Some 95% of dieters regain their lost weight within a year, usually with a bonus. Constantly losing and regaining weight is frustrating and demoralizing, and does more damage than good.

Would It Then Not Be Better To Just Stay Overweight Or Live With Obesity?

For many overweight adults, remaining overweight would be less harmful than endlessly playing the rhythm game of girth control. Before running up the white flag of surrender, however, understand the health risks of being overweight.

When compared with people of normal weight, obese people are:

1. 3 times more likely to suffer from their coronary heart disease;

2. 4 times more likely to suffer from high blood pressure;

3. 5 times more likely to develop their adult onset diabetes, and elevated blood cholesterols;

4. at higher risk of developing cancer of the colon, rectum, prostate, breast, cervix, uterus, and ovaries;

5. at greater risk of suffering from osteoarthritis and low back pain.

Overweight and obese adults are like ticking bombs waiting for one or more diseases to explode in their lives. In addition, extra weight affects self-image. In today’s appearance-oriented society it can be a great psychological burden.


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