Medi-Share is Health Reform for Christians

If the federal healthcare reform laws have you seeking a wise and God-honoring choice for your healthcare, you’ll find it in Medi-Share. Unlike health insurance where you pay a premium to a company, Medi-Share is a community of Christians who share each other’s medical bills. Your share dollars are never used for unbiblical procedures or treatments like abortion or the morning after pill. And you know your share is going directly to help a fellow member with an eligible medical bill.

Medi-Share Members Are Exempt

The Affordable Care Act contains a special provision for members of Healthcare Sharing Ministries, making Medi-Share members exempt from the mandate to purchase insurance in 2014 or face financial penalties. Law Language  - (Sec 1501, page 148 addresses the exemption)  

With seven program options to pick from, you'll find flexible, convenient choices to fit virtually every Christian family.  Medi-Share members also pray for and send notes of encouragement to each other, supported by an organization that provides health education and promotes biblical living.

Healthcare Costs Expected To Rise


In a difficult economy and with private health insurance premiums rising dramatically, Christians everywhere are looking at their finances and wondering, "How am I going to be able to afford decent healthcare?"

Medi-Share is the answer.  Because members live healthy biblical lifestyles, costs are affordable--family options are affordable, averaging about $300 a month.  Since 1993, Medi-Share members have saved more than $908 Million in healthcare expenses through sharing and discounting. But best of all, Medi-Share offers a true community with a shared commitment to biblical values! 

We invite you to join Medi-Share today!

Monthly Amounts

Family options average
about $300 a month


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