What does a community one in heart and mind actually look like?

It helps a new mother focus on the miracle instead of the hospital bill

It takes every opportunity to pray together easing burdens big and small.

Out of Abundance, it feeds, visits, and heals one another.

It connects everyone's skills and talents and is stronger because of it.


The affordable and Biblical healthcare alternative

Medi-Share is a healthcare sharing ministry where members share each other’s medical bills.

  • GOD-HONORING healthcare
  • AFFORDABLE choice
  • ACCEPTABLE under the law

A Christian community sharing each other's medical burdens

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"What attracted me to Medi-Share in the first place was the idea of people helping people directly."


Your Prayer Community

PrayerStream is a free, online prayer community.

  • PRAY for others
  • POST requests
  • CONNECT groups

Connecting Christians in prayer and praise

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