Bridgehealth for Surgery

Through our partnership with BridgeHealth, Medi-Share members can save on surgical costs, as well as access health tools, highly ranked surgical providers, and top hospitals in the nation!

BridgeHealth offers a unique patient portal so you can learn about a condition, explore treatment options, and get the tools you need to make the right decisions for your health.

If BridgeHealth is right for you and your particular planned surgery, you can experience thousands in savings on surgical costs. Medi-Share members receive several advantages when they use BridgeHealth for surgery, including:

  • Partial monthly shares may be waived
  • Transportation, lodging, and meal allowance will be provided for the member and one companion for the duration of the trip
  • AHP is waived for the surgery

As a Medi-Share member this service is available to you at no additional cost. Just call (800) 264-2562 ext. 7018.

Visit BridgeHealth

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