Navitus Pharmacy Program

* Please note: Navitus does not apply to Senior Assist or Medi-Share 65+ members.

Medi-Share's partnership with Navitus Health Solutions gives members access to significant savings on prescriptions as well as personalized care from a team of pharmacy professionals.

Included on your Member ID card is the new information you’ll need when filling prescriptions. It’s important that you discard any previous Medi-Share member cards and provide a copy of the new card to your provider(s) during your next visit. You can also access your member cards from the Member Center or in the Medi-Share mobile app, which is available for free in your app store.

Give your new card to your providers and pharmacy and instruct them to update the pharmacy information to ensure you start receiving the best prices on your medications immediately!

To access your member profile on the Navitus portal OR to set it up for the first time, click here. If you are setting yours up for the first time, when you get to the page you will need to click on "Click here for new registrations." In order to set up your profile on the Navitus portal, you will need your Household ID followed by your individual "person code" as in the example below.

In this example, the HH ID# is 12345A54321 and each member of the family has their own person code added to the end:

Head of House hold=00 i.e. 12345A5432100
Spouse=01 i.e 12345A5432101
Oldest Child=02 i.e 12345A5432102
Child=03 i.e 12345A5432103
Child=04 i.e 12345A5432104
Child=05 i.e 12345A5432105
Youngest Child=06 i.e 12345A5432106

Once you are logged in to the Navitus portal, you should be able to:

• Search for participating pharmacies by location
• Compare prescription prices by pharmacy
• Use the formulary/drug lists to identify preferred products
• Receive mail order info for 90-day supply of maintenance meds

Specialty Medications Require Pre-Notification Through Navitus

Members who take medications for certain complex or rare diseases, including cancer, are required to pre-notify Navitus at 1.833.837.4306 for any specialty medications, including infusions/injections given at home or in a doctor’s office.

Please note: this new member card does NOT replace your Select Savings Card, which provides access to dental, vision, and other member discounts. Members also have 24/7 access to FREE telehealth for acute care through Medi-Share’s approved provider, and FREE mental health counseling services by phone.