Navitus Pharmacy Program

Navitus Health Solutions gives members access to even more significant savings on prescriptions now with their partnership with GoodRx, as well as personalized care from a team of pharmacy professionals.

Be sure to download/print a copy of your Navitus card. It’s important that you provide a copy of your card to your pharmacist during your next visit so they can update your information to ensure you start receiving the best prices on your medications immediately.

MEMBERS: As of November 1, 2022, CVS Pharmacy is no longer participating with Navitus. However, there are still a number of pharmacies where your Navitus discounts are still available, including Walgreens, Walmart, and Kroger where you may see greater discounts. It is recommended that you work with your providers to transfer any active prescriptions to your new preferred pharmacy as soon as possible.

To access your member profile on the Navitus portal or to set it up for the first time, click here. 

  • Even if you previously registered in the old Navitus member portal, you will need to re-register. However, all of your previous prescription information will carry over to the new portal and can be easily accessed. You will find simple, step-by-step registration instructions on the login page here.

Once you are logged in to the Navitus portal, you should be able to:

• Download/print a copy of your Navitus card
• Search for participating pharmacies by location
• Compare prescription prices by pharmacy
• Use the formulary/drug lists to identify preferred products
• Receive mail order info for 90-day supply of maintenance meds

Specialty Medications Require Pre-Notification Through Navitus

Members who take medications for certain complex or rare diseases, including cancer, are required to pre-notify Navitus at 1.833.837.4306 for any specialty medications, including infusions/injections given at home or in a doctor’s office.