Prayerstream Common Questions

+ What is PrayerStream?

PrayerStream is an online community where members can post general prayer requests and praise reports, as well as create individual prayer streams for their family, church, or any other group to post exclusively in.

+ Why should I join?

This online community allows Christians all over the world to pray together, united. It also provides a way to create your own prayer community.

+ Is there a fee to join?

No. It is completely free.

+ How do I sign up?

To join PrayerStream, you must first register and create a profile. To begin the process, simply click the Register button at the upper right on the home page directly beneath "Welcome to PrayerStream." 

+ How do I start my own Stream?

Once you create your user profile, you can "Create a Group" or "Find Friends or Groups" using the tools on the left side of your page.

+ Can I join (follow) more than one group at a time?

Yes … we encourage it! You, your friends and church can build, follow and participate in as many groups as you want!

+ Why would I want to follow more than one group on PrayerStream?

It’s a great way for a group of people with a shared interest or purpose to stay connected! Create a group for your family, your small group, your Bible study, or your fellow homeschooling parents. The possibilities are endless.

+ How can I find other groups that I might want to follow?

Use the "Find Groups" function on the left side of your page. When you see a public group that you wish to follow simply click on the “join” link. If the group is private, the group owner will be notified of your request.

+ How do I start my own group on PrayerStream?

You can build and manage multiple groups simply by accessing the Create a Group link on the left hand of your PrayerStream page.  

Note: Anyone can follow and participate in the public groups However, if you make your group private others will have to request to follow it or you can invite your friends to follow your group.

+ Where can I view my PrayerStream?

Online here after you login to the Member Center. Use the navigation at the top of the page. Don't forget to download the PrayerStream app from the App Store to access PrayerStream from your mobile device.

+ Can I have a private group or does it have to be public?

You can choose to set your group to private or public. A private group can only be accessed by those invited and accepted into your stream. A public group can be accessed by any user of PrayerStream. Public groups are a good way for large organizations to communicate the prayer needs of the body – for instance a church or ministry outreach, without any limits on who can participate.

+ What if someone posts something inappropriate on PrayerStream?

Anyone can FLAG a post they find objectionable! Whenever a post is flagged the stream owner is immediately notified. Posts that receive three (3) flags are removed from the stream. 

If you are the group owner, you have the power to immediately remove any post that you deem objectionable.

+ How do I know when people have posted in my group(s)/stream(s)?

In addition to viewing your groups online, you can choose to receive notifications by email or text message. You can manage these notifications simply by accessing "Settings" on the right side of your PrayerStream page under your name.

+ Can I monitor prayer requests or pledges that I’ve posted?

Yes, just use the "Posts" link under your name on the left hand side of your page.

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