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Is sunshine better for your body than supplements? Some people discourage (and even oppose) the taking of supplemental vitamin D and advocate getting more sunshine.
Are supplements better for your body than sunshine? A fact that cannot be denied is that since most Americans work full-time in indoor jobs in northern climates, they are going to be vitamin D deficient unless they take supplements.
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Article for nuts and seeds protect against heart disease.
Article about Dr. Fuhrman on breast cancer.
Read along as Dr. Fuhrman discusses whether flaxseed oil can actually cause prostate cancer. It seems that everyone you ask about flaxseed oil and prostate cancer gives a different answer.
Read along as Dr. Joel Fuhrman discusses the nutritional and dietary protocols for IBD. A high-nutrient, fiber-rich diet is key to recovery.
Article on how to help your overweight child.
Article on obesity prevent in children and teens.
There are many speculations as to whether flaxseed oil can cause prostate cancer. Read along as Dr. Fuhrman discusses the research behind the question.
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