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Read along as Dr. Fuhrman discusses some special considerations for athletes, in regards to their diet.
Your autoimmune diseased can be cared for by nutritional excellence. Autoimmune diseases are caused by an inflammatory process regulated by our immune system.
Epidemiologic studies show an inverse association between frequency of nut consumption and body mass index. Interestingly, their consumption may actually suppress appetite and help people get rid of diabetes and lose weight.
How much Vitamin D are you getting? Doctor Joel Fuhrman's article, "How Much Vitamin D Is Too Much" discusses what dose of Vitamin D is safe.
Article for Defeat Heart Disease Now!
Do you have questions regarding supplements? Doctor Joel Fuhrman's article, "Do You Need Multivitamin/Multimineral Supplements" might have the answer you're looking for.
Do you know what your calorie and protein requirements are? Athletes need more calorie and protein than sedentary individuals.
Learn the best way to fuel your body as a vegan athlete. Animal products aren't necessary for high-level performance.
Are you lighting your way to wellness? Therapeutic light is an effective treatment for depression. It's no longer considered a therapy only for seasonal affective disorder.
Article for The Mediterranean Diet
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