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A landing page that displays an article about the benefits of a blended salad. A blended salad is a mixture of raw, leafy greens and other foods blended together to make a smooth, creamy salad with a baby-food-like consistency.
How much do you really know about olive oil? Careful reading of FDA-approved health claim sheds light on potential weighty problems.
Article for Cruciferous Vegetables. Enjoy The Benefits Of The Most Healthful Foods In The World!
Nutritional excellence works! Before deciding to use drug therapy, you not only should weigh the risks versus the benefits of each medication available for your condition, but also determine if there are other options that have better risk–benefit ratios.
All of the benefits of Medi-Share, a healthcare sharing ministry, are now available for groups. A great option for your small business or church.
Learn why your ideal weight is not overweight. Here are some guidelines supplied by the actuaries of life insurance companies interested in knowing what is the best weight for the longest and healthiest life, and for maximum profits for the insurance company.
Medical studies that seemingly show benefits from prostate cancer screening and treatments are not accurate for many reasons.
There are natural treatments for Parkinson's disease! Studies show that some supplements may offer benefits.
Read along as Dr. Fuhrman goes into depth on ineffective anti-cancer remedies. Although there is little evidence that alternative cancer therapies are of any benefit, millions of dollars are spent on them.
A landing page for cholesterol and heart disease articles. By using nutritional excellence we can reap full benefits and remove the risk of heart disease.
Become a Member of Christian Care Ministry and explore the benefits of Medi-Share!