Medi-Share members value life and have voted to share in maternity expenses up to $125,000 per pregnancy event. We have a team of maternity specialists who walk alongside you during your pregnancy journey to offer prayer, assistance with finding providers, understanding global billing and much more.

Medi-Share members with an Annual Household Portion of $3,000 or more who become pregnant are eligible for maternity sharing up to $125,000 for any single pregnancy event. This includes the cost of antepartum care, the cost of delivery and complications to the mother and/or child(ren), and postpartum care. A typical maternity costs $19,000, so the majority of maternities will not be impacted by this change.

If you are not yet a Medi-Share member, here's what you need to know. For your pregnancy to be eligible for sharing:

  • You need to join Medi-Share before you are pregnant
  • You must indicate you are married on your application, even if joining as an individual. 
  • You need to have faithfully shared from the month of conception through the month of delivery
  • Sharing is limited to $125,000 per pregnancy event

If you are considering adding to your family, call a Medi-Share representative today to see if Medi-Share is right for your family

Our Care Management Department has a Maternity Team of Maternity & Billing Specialists, Nurses, Health Coaches and pastoral staff to come alongside Medi-Share members during this amazing journey. Our team will help you understand:

  • Maternity bills – what does Medi-Share share in versus what’s out of pocket?
  • Providers - How do I find a provider that’s in-network for my maternity care?
  • The PEQ - What’s a Program Eligibility Questionnaire and why does Medi-Share ask that I fill it out?
  • Your AHP - How is my annual household portion applied to the cost of my maternity?
  • Global billing - What is it and how does it work?
  • Genetic Testing - Does Medi-Share share in the cost of genetic testing?
  • Download our Maternity Guide for more information.

Members must have an AHP level of $3,000 or higher for maternity to be eligible for sharing. 

What about sharing for adoptions?

Medi-Share members will share up to two adoption events. The first event is eligible for sharing after the member shares at a level of two or more for 24 continuous months. There are limitations on the amount shared, based on AHP level. Read Section VIII. for more details.

+ What if my pregnancy exceeds $125,000?

Our Extra Blessings program is designed to help members with expenses that are ineligible for sharing, either because they exceed the sharing limits, or because they are related to pre-existing conditions that would have otherwise been eligible for sharing.

There are also programs available to help with maternity expenses, and our maternity team will assist members in pursuing these programs.

+ Do both husband and wife have to be members?

Only the mother needs to be a Medi-Share member. Please note that maternity expenses for pregnancies of unwed mothers are not eligible for sharing, though we do assist members in finding other resources.

+ Do I have to use a PHCS provider for my maternity?

No, but PHCS providers do offer members significant savings on their care and there may be an out of network penalty applied (see Section V. B.).

+ Are IVF treatments eligible for sharing?

Treatment for fertility/infertility is not eligible for sharing. See Section VI. J.

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