VIII. Adoption

The Medi-Share program allows Members to share in adoption costs. Up to two adoption events can be shared per Member Household. The adoption of multiple children at the same time is considered one event. Sharing is available according to the following chart. For adoptions, the AHP does not have to be met for sharing to occur. The adopted child(ren) cannot be related to the Member or spouse by blood or marriage.

Adoption Sharing Chart

*Adoption sharing is not available for Members with a $1,000 or $1,750  AHP. 

The first event is eligible for sharing after the Member shares at a level set for two or more persons for 24 continuous months prior to the adoption becoming final. 

The second event will only be considered for sharing if: 
  •membership has been without break since the first finalized and shared adoption event, and 
  •at least 12 months have passed since the first finalized adoption event to the second finalized adoption event, and 
  •sharing was at a level set for two or more persons for the entire period between adoption events. 

An adopted child who qualifies for membership will still be subject to the same limitations as any new member.

If they have been Members for the timeframes outlined above, Members may apply for Extra Blessings (see Section VI. L.) to receive additional monetary assistance for adoption costs after the second adoption event. The Extra Blessings amount cannot exceed the original adoption sharing limit per program listed in the previous chart.

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