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Tune in as Dr. Fuhrman discusses startling facts about the Mammogram procedure. Did you know breast cancer is the second leading cause of death in North American women?
Article about beans protecting against colon cancer.
Are you wondering which supplements have scientific support? Check out Doctor Joel Fuhrman's article, "Supplements That Have Some Scientific Support."
Check out Dr. Fuhrman's article on why prostate screenings and treatments don't work. The percentage of men dying from prostate cancer has been practically the same for the last fifty years.
Check out Christian Care Ministry's latest updates regarding the Corona Virus.
Article for Nuts & Seeds Protect Against Heart Disease
Article for Important Dietary Concepts. Macronutrients, with the exception of water, supply the calories we need.
Eating nuts and seeds protects against sudden cardiac death, reduces total and LDL cholesterol and inflammation, and is also associated with longevity in long-term studies. Similarly, avocado consumption improves blood lipids.
Article for Are Alternative Therapies the Way to Beat Cancer?
Article salt more than high blood pressure.
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