Tax Information

Here are some answers to some of the more commonly asked questions about filing taxes as Medi-Share members. Remember, you should always seek the advice of a tax professional.

Deduction of Share Portions: Medi-Share is not insurance and Medi-Share members CANNOT deduct their monthly share portions from their federal income tax unless you are a resident of Missouri, where you can deduct share amounts from your State income taxes.

HSA and Medi-Share: Health Savings Accounts (HSA) only work with high-deductible health insurance plans, so members of health care sharing ministries are not able to take advantage of HSAs. Health care sharing ministry programs are not offered by an insurance company, and the benefit is not insurance. Therefore, the membership fees/donations are not reimbursable according to IRS guidelines.

State Exemptions: The ONLY states/territory requiring exemption forms for tax year 2022 are California, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and the District of Columbia (D.C.).

For more information on filing taxes in any of the states/territory listed above, visit that specific link(s) to gain access to the filing forms:

If your state/territory is not mentioned above, there is no current requirement to purchase health insurance or have an exemption.

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