+ What is Medi-Share?

The Medi-Share program is a healthcare sharing ministry that brings Christians together to share medical bills. Medi-Share is not insurance. Christian Care Ministry is a not-for-profit  ministry that facilitates the Medi-Share program, and does not pay any medical bills. Instead, Medi-Share members share their medical bills and Christian Care Ministry facilitates processing the payment of bills using member shares.

+ How does Medi-Share work for Members?

Medi-Share members have chosen an Annual Household Portion (AHP). This is the amount that a Medi-Share household must reach (pay) before their eligible medical bills can be submitted for sharing. Medi-Share members pay a $35 provider fee for doctors and hospitalizations, and a $135 provider fee for emergency room care.

Providers should pre-notify of treatment using the information on the Medi-Share Member ID card. Providers should submit all bills to Christian Care Ministry for discounting and processing, regardless of whether the AHP has been met, and bill the member for the balance reflected on the Explanation of Sharing (EOS) that will be sent out once processing/discounting is complete.

+ Where should providers send bills?

Providers can file EDI
EDI Payer ID 59355

Paper HCFAs or UBs
PO Box 981652
El Paso, TX 79998-1652


+ Do Medi-Share members use a PPO?

Yes, members are encouraged to seek care from providers and facilities that participate in the PHCS network. Members can search for providers here or by calling (877) 302-7427

+ Can Medi-Share members seek treatment outside of the PPO?

Yes. Members may choose treatment with a non-PHCS provider; however, a penalty may be applied for use of a non-PPO provider. To verify participation with a PPO, contact www.phcs.com or call 877-302-7427.

+ How does a provider join the PHCS PPO?

To join the network, click here and submit the online form.

+ What services are not eligible for sharing?

In general, routine care, including routine mammograms, routine pap smears, routine screening tests and procedures without medical reasons (e.g., colonoscopy without specific symptoms)
•Well patient care, for example, annual physicals, routine lab studies, mammography, and pap smears
•Veteran Administration Care and Treatment

Medical bills for diagnosis or treatment of a pre-existing medical condition, which is defined as treatment, diagnosis, symptoms or medication for the condition prior to membership, have limited eligibility.
Please review the Medi-Share Guidelines Section VI for a complete list of conditions not eligible for sharing.

+ What about outpatient physical therapy?

If related to an eligible medical event, there is a maximum of 20 visits allowed. If more visits are required, a letter from the provider explaining the need for additional visits along with the diagnosis codes, medical documentation, and amount of additional visits must be submitted and approved by Christian Care Ministry.

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