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Article for deadly dietary myths.
Check out Doctor Joel Fuhrman's article, "Treating High Blood Pressure." Conventional drug therapies are dangerous and ineffective!
Why should you eat to live? Your body uses the foods that you eat to build and repair itself. When you compromise your diet; you undermine your future health.
Article for the myth of anti-aging hormones.
Check out Dr. Joel Fuhrman's seven secrets of longevity. These are powerful steps you can take to extend your life!
Take steps to prevent neurogenerative disease. Don't wait until brain function deteriorates to take action!
Are you interested in taking multivitamins? Check out Doctor Joel Fuhrman's article, "How to Select the Best Multi."
Be informed about the myth of anti-aging hormones. The sad truth is that these treatments are risky and experimental in nature, and evidence suggests that taking these hormones to reclaim lost youthfulness will increase cancer rates and shorten lifespan.
Read along as Dr. Fuhrman discusses his protocol for treating Parkinson’s. Powerful, risk-free steps you can take for yourself.
Inflammatory bowel disease recovery is possible through aggressive dietary modifications. Patients need to know that it is possible to improve and even eventually resolve inflammatory bowel disease.
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