At Christian Care Ministry we want our members to know that we care about them and value the quality of their Medi-Share experience. Our Care Managers come alongside members who are experiencing medical conditions that we anticipate will involve frequent contact with the medical community.

During difficult times Care Managers support members through:
     Health Education
     Medical & Provider Advocacy
     Transitions of Care Coordination
     Billing Support

“They parted the red sea for us... these people care…”

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Care Managers will join you in seeking guidance from the Ultimate Care Giver, the Lord. Our Care Manager will pray with you, asking for God's guidance and wisdom as you make decisions about your treatment options

Medical & Provider Advocacy
Care Managers come alongside members to make sure medical professionals are acting in your best interest. They also work with Providers to clarify how our program works related to Guidelines, Annual Household Portion, and other details.

Health Education & Shared Decision Making
Care Managers work as educators to help members understand medical questions. They also provide resources to help you make an informed decision with your provider about your care.

Transitions of Care Coordination
Care Managers work with you and your healthcare team to understand and support your needs. Care Managers take time to assess support and home implications, consider therapies and medical equipment, and identify gaps in care to ensure you get the care that is needed.

Billing & Internal Support
Care Managers work with internal departments related to Billing, Programs, Medical Records, or Medical Review.

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