The Health Partnership Program is a member-voted initiative designed to support healthy living with the ultimate purpose of being able to do more for the kingdom of God. The goal of the program is to promote stewardship across all areas of life including: spiritual, physical, mental, social, financial and relational. This allows us to live out the mission and vision of Christian Care Ministry and to share even more with fellow believers.

A member who is designated as a mandatory Health Partner enjoys the same medical bill sharing privileges as other members, but must participate as a Health Partner due to specific health factors identified in the application process. 

There are two types of mandatory Health Partners, both can benefit greatly from therapeutic lifestyle principles. You can review the agreements here for the defined health criteria:

  1. Health Partner: for those with elevated risk factors
  2. Health Partner Disease Reversal: for those with a diagnosed disease, such as heart disease, diabetes, Liver disorders, etc.

The Health Partnership and/or Health Partnership Disease Reversal fee is $99 per month in addition to the monthly share. In order to be eligible to graduate and have the fee removed, the program goals must be achieved (and labs/verification forms submitted). If you have already achieved the goals of the Health Partnership or Health Partnership Disease Reversal program and are participating because of a condition, the program requires that you also have three contacts with a coach. Participants can review the Application Review Report in the Forms Center to see which condition or elevated metric relates to their participation.

Christian Care Ministry offers support, *coaching and education to members from a Biblical perspective to help them reach program goals as well as their individual health potential so they can live more enriched lives.

  • In addition to our traditional coaching option, members are able to choose a self-guided approach for reaching their goals.
  • The self-guided approach will give the member the flexibility to work toward their goals on their own, with access to our resources, including coaches if they request. The self-guided approach has the same $99 fee that will remain in place until the goals are reached.
  • Annual verification requirements remain in place for all Health Partner Graduates.

Common Questions About Health Partnerships

*Our coaches offer recommendations for therapeutic lifestyle changes. Always consult your Physician before adopting any kind of diet, exercise or medical program.
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